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/ Main / News / Odessa Zoo invites citizens and guests of the city for exhibition performances

Placed: 21.07.2014 10:07:05

Odessa Zoo invites citizens and guests of the city for exhibition performances

Odessa Zoo organizes exhibition performances to make citizens and guests of the city aware of the fascinating life of unusually city zoo animals. Photo

Odessa Zoo is a small piece of nature in the heart of the city, where you can escape from the city bustle and have a rest with your family. It is also a protected area, the place for realization of scientific programs aimed at reproducing the number of endangered species.
For citizens and guests of the city Odessa Zoo organizes different events. Among these are night excursions with entertainment show, demonstration of feeding the animals and fascinating performance - the dipping operation of long-standing inhabitant of the Zoo Indian elephant cow Wendy.
The City Zoo implemented the project of charity help for all who wants. This project permits you to become a trustee or a sponsor of an animal. At the project took part the Consulate General of China in Odessa, the authorities, businessmen, citizens and guests of the city.



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