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/ Main / News / In Odessa gathered fans of the soviet retro cars from all the regions of Ukraine. Photo

Placed: 23.07.2014 17:26:02

In Odessa gathered fans of the soviet retro cars from all the regions of Ukraine. Photo

46 retro cars "Zaporozhets" were presented at the exhibition in Odessa. Photo

 In the early 50's , the economy of Western Europe in general overcame the postwar period, and more people wanted to get behind the wheel of their own cars. However they had a lack of money. So for these customers many firms have begun to produce small, cheap and economic cars.

In the former Soviet Union the work on economic cars was developed in the mid-50s.Was created a number of experimental models, but serial production has not yet reached. First economic minicar model appeared on the market of the Soviet Union in 1960 and was called "Zaporozhets".
After the Soviet Union collapse in 1994 was ceased the production of “Zaporozhets". Preserved specimens of retro cars still can be seen on the streets of post-Soviet states. In Ukraine exists the club for the lovers of retro machines “Zaporozhets” which organizes rally in various cities of the state.
One of these rallies was held in Odessa on July 20 in 2014. On the main street of the city were presented 46 retro cars whose owners come from all the regions of Ukraine, to show the objects of their pride to the public.
Similar rallies were held previously in Kiev, Kamianets-Podilskiy and Lviv. The next year the meeting is planned to be in Vinnytsia and in the future is expected to be in all the cities ofUkraine.



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