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/ Main / News / Odessa Doctors regained the vision to Ukrainian aviator

Placed: 25.07.2014 14:23:23

Odessa Doctors regained the vision to Ukrainian aviator

In the Odessa City Hospital number 4 has been successfully done reconstructive ophthalmologic surgery under the ATO aviator

 To Odessa Clinical Hospital number 4 was delivered the aviator with serious injuries during the ATO in eastern Ukraine. The patient received a contusion trauma of the left eye.

Under the injured aviator was carried out reconstructive surgery on his left eye, which lasted about one and a half hours. The patient was operated by Chief Physician of Odessa Clinical Hospital number 4 Professor Galina Efimovna Wenger.
The doctors of the other Ukrainian clinics were not taken to carry out such a difficult surgery under the military but doctors of Odessa Clinic Hospital number 4 could save not only the eye of the patient , but also regained the vision.
The institution was designed and built in 1903 as a hospital and educational establishment. The project of creating the institution was led by Professor Golovin, which for this purpose was invited from Moscow. With him came his assistant - a young intern Dr. Filatov.
In 1911 when Professor Golovin was recalled to Moscow, academician Filatov became the head of the Ophthalmology Chair. Today here is situated Odessa City Hospital number 4, was added a small therapeutic ward and remained the chair of Ophthalmology for teaching students.
Odessa City Hospital number 4 is a leading center for reconstructive eye treatment receiving patients from all over the Ukraine and rest of the world. Hospital specialists conduct scientific developments providing medical care to patients with severe eye injuries at the advanced level.


Galina Efimovna Wegner



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