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/ Main / News / The citizens of Odessa honored the memory of those who died during the defense of the city in 1941

Placed: 06.08.2014 10:17:53

The citizens of Odessa honored the memory of those who died during the defense of the city in 1941

Yearly on august the 5th the citizens of hero-city Odessa honor the memory of soldiers and odessites who defended the city from fascist invaders in 1941

On august the 5th, to the 73rd anniversary since the beginning of Odessa defense was held the ceremony of laying flowers and wreaths to the monument of The Unknown Soldier at the Walk of Fame in Shevchenko park. At the ceremony presented the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov, the rear admiral of Naval Forces of Ukraine, local and regional authorities, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the clergy, veterans, members of veterans’ organizations and other distinguished guests. Traditionally the ceremony was accompanied by the shooting.

For today in city live 44 participants of Odessa defense from fascist invaders. The Mayor congratulated veterans and wished them health, decent life, protection and grace of God.



The hero-city Odessa

August 5 - October 16, 1941 the Independent Coastal Army troops, forces and means of the Odessa Naval Base and the Black Sea Fleet, with the active participation of the population of the city have been fought against the troops of the 4th Romanian army who laid siege to Odessa. As a result of 10-week struggle the enemy troops failed to fulfill their task - to capture the city. During the defense of Odessa, its defenders showed their ingenuity. So, at the Odessa engineering plant, at tractors’ base were created 62 tanks. In Odessa were bettered the production of flame-throwers.





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