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/ Main / News / In Odessa cooked tomato mojito and tomato ice cream. Photo

Placed: 12.08.2014 09:33:41

In Odessa cooked tomato mojito and tomato ice cream. Photo

Master classes in cooking different meals, contests, quizzes and a parade of red cars were devoted to the Day of the tomato, which was held in Odessa. Photo

9 to 10 august in Odessa was held the gastronomic festival the “Day of the tomato”. The idea of holding such a bright event was born in our city not without a reason. Tomatoes of Odessa region have always been famous for the taste, great variety of sorts to and saturation of the southern sun.

The program of the festival included a number of activities dedicated to tomatoes: fair, different parties, exciting contests, quizzes, master classes in cooking different meals and a parade of red cars and motorcycles. Most of events were held in the heart of the city – on the Deribasovskaya street.

The visitors were able to see how skillful Odessa chefs cooked delicious tomato juice, green tomato jam and jam from yellow tomatoes. The city restaurants offered a special "tomato menu," some of them served experimental dishes: tomato ice cream, chocolate covered tomatoes and tomato "mojito".




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