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/ Main / News / The creation of international parks in Odessa becomes a good tradition

Placed: 13.08.2014 12:53:26

The creation of international parks in Odessa becomes a good tradition

Odessa prepares for the celebration of 220th anniversary

Odessa is on the eve of celebration its 220th anniversary. The city actively prepares for the holiday: urban services clear and rebuild the parks and squares.
Also in Odessa appears a tradition of creation the international parks. Last year on September the 3, to the Odessa City Day took place the presentation of the concept of the park "Azerbaijan", which will be built by representatives of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan. The park will fully reflect the spirit and atmosphere of Azerbaijan. This year to the 2nd of September with support of Turkish partners in Odessa is going to appear the park named after the sister city of Istanbul. The reconstruction of the park was discussed by the Mayor of Odessa and Turkish Consul General to Odessa in the end of July.

The Polish partners also took part in creating such a tradition in Odessa. On August 8, 2014 the first deputy of the Odessa Mayor met in his office with the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Odessa. The meeting was held on the initiative of the Polish side. The Polish partners proposed to create and equip in Odessa the green zone in the Polish style - Polish park.

The idea of creation the international parks in sister cities has been realized in many cities of the world and now such parks are going to appear in Odessa. For the residents of Odessa it is honor that the city has a park named after the sister-city, it is a new stage in developing the friendly attitude.

The first deputy of the Odessa Mayor with the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Odessa

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Park "Azerbaijan"










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