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/ Main / News / In Odessa to be performed operetta White Acacia

Placed: 21.08.2014 11:25:22

In Odessa to be performed operetta White Acacia

 Residents and guests of Odessa will be able to enjoy an open air concert performance of the operetta "White Acacia”

Providing of the open airs became a tradition in Odessa. On the eve of celebrating the City Day at the square near the colonnade on Primorsky Boulevard the residents and guests of our city will be able to enjoy a concert performance of the operetta "White Acacia”.


For many years, "Song about Odessa" from the operetta "White Acacia" is the official anthem of South Palmira. Every citizen of Odessa and every guest of our wonderful city can hear it in the "execution" of the Odessa chiming Clock at the Primorsky Boulevard.


"White Acacia" – great operetta by Isaac Dunaevskiy is full of vibrant and exciting music - real hits, full of charm and romance. Tidal bore, the lights of ships and forever young solar Odessa. The action develops in the maelstrom of acute jokes, funny skirmish where young heroes dream of a boundless expanse of sea, unselfish friendship and love.

1st September 2014, at 21.00 - operetta "White Acacia" to be performed near the colonnade on Primorsky Boulevard.




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