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/ Main / News / To the jubilee of the city French will present the unique sort of roses

Placed: 31.08.2014 14:02:53

To the jubilee of the city French will present the unique sort of roses

On September 2, at the City Garden will be presented a special gift from the French company - unique sort of roses "Odesskaya". Everyone who visit the festival dressed in coral, will receive a rose as a gift

Especially for the 220th anniversary of the city the French company «Meilland» presents unique sort of roses "Odesskaya"(Odessa’s). This rose is adapted to the climatic conditions of the region and symbolizes our forever young and beautiful city. The unique sparkling coral color of the flower expresses the vitality, optimism and unquenchable energy of its inhabitants.

To the anniversary in Odessa arrived and has been already planted 50 bushes of the queen of flowers and a bouquet of 220 fresh cut roses "Odesskaya"(Odessa’s). In November for the further planting will come 220 bushes.

Pretty women from Odessa and guests of our city, who will attend the festival dressed in coral, in memory of this wonderful day will receive the unique rose "Odesskaya"(Odessa’s).

Presentation will be held on September 2, 2014 in Odessa City Garden. Start at 15:30.





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