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/ Main / News / On March, 13, Eduard Gurvits held a meeting with Ukrainian Armed Forces Head Commander Sergiy Kirichenko

Placed: 14.03.2007 09:50:49

On March, 13, Eduard Gurvits held a meeting with Ukrainian Armed Forces Head Commander Sergiy Kirichenko

“Sea Breeze 2007” military exercises will assist Ukraine’s and Odessa’s international authority rise

This was announced on March, 13, 2007, during the meeting of Odessa City Mayor Eduard Gurvits with Ukrainian Armed Forces Head Commander, General Headquarters Head, General-Colonel Sergiy Kirichenko.
The meeting took place in the network of the visit aimed at explanatory work carrying out concerning the “Sea Breeze 2007” military exercises holding in Odessa. This work’s being necessary has repeatedly been emphasized by both the President Victor Yushchenko and the Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich, considering the Crimean events of the last year.
The joint Ukrainian and American exercises of “Sea Breeze” series have been being hold since July, 1997, and are aimed at Ukrainian Navy steadiness increasing. The exercises stipulate for the other countries’ taking part possibility. The following countries have agreed to take part in the exercises: Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Canada, Macedonia, Moldova, USA, Turkey, Germany etc. It is planned that the “Sea Breeze 2007” exercises will be participated by over 1200 people.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces Head Commander expressed his being sure of Odessa’s traditional hostility and thanked the mayor for supporting the processes that are useful fir the whole country’s development.
Eduard Gurvits assured the guests of the municipality’s providing all the necessary help to the organizers and the participants of the “Sea Breeze 2007” exercises. In the Mayor’s opinion, the exercises will assist not only Ukraine’s defensive potential strengthening, but Odessa’ bounds with the foreign partners, including the Black Sea shore cities, as well.

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