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/ Main / News / Odessa tram celebrates its Birthday

Placed: 24.09.2014 12:27:39

Odessa tram celebrates its Birthday

104 years ago in Odessa was released the first power tram

September 24, 2014 marks 104th anniversary since the working start of the power tram in Odessa. The grand opening of the first line was held in the Aleksandrovsky Park (now Park named after T.G. Shevchenko) at noon on 11 of September (24 of September according to the new style).

The first line was named "Vistavochnaya"(Exhibition) and got the number 32. The name is quite simple to explain: in total, the project involved the construction of thirty-one tram lines in Odessa and its suburbs. Exhibition line was temporary, so ones decided to give her the number, which in further would not match the other lines.

Exhibition line worked less than a year, but has fully complied with the task: the inhabitants of Odessa got acquainted with modern power tram. In April 1911, this temporary line has given the way to two permanent trams: NoNo 23 and 24. Now the tramcar in Shevchenko Park can be seen only in pictures, but as a living reminder of the early years of the Odessa tram is considered to be a stop pavilion on the main avenue, which was built for the line No 24.

Today the urban electric transport remains the most affordable means of transportation and is popular for habitants. It serves the maximum number of privileged categories of citizens. For today there are 199 tram cars in Odessa.



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