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/ Main / News / In Odessa to be released promotional publications for tourists

Placed: 25.09.2014 10:55:06

In Odessa to be released promotional publications for tourists

In 2014 in Odessa were released 5 promotional publications about the city: comics for kids "Odessa superheroes", booklet "Odessa for everyone", magazine "Creative space of Odessa", reference books "Taste of Odessa" and "Odessa recommends"

September 24, 2014 in Odessa City Council was held a briefing on occasion of new publications about the city and its heroes. With reporters talked Director of the Department on Culture and Tourism and artists the creators of comics about Odessa for children.

The Department on Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council annually publishes informative promotional materials about Odessa, which are designed to increase the tourist potential of the city. This year were released five publications: comics for kids "Odessa superheroes", booklet "Odessa for everyone", magazine "Creative space of Odessa", reference books "Taste of Odessa" and "Odessa recommends."

The publication of Comics for Kids “Odessa superheroes” presents the real “heroes of Odessa”- talented scientists, engineers, athletes, doctors, musicians and writers. It also includes the information about World first Odessa inventions such as a submarine, a gas mask and the other.

The booklet "Odessa for everyone" is a local history work, which is telling about the habitants of Odessa, representing 32 nationalities, who influenced the formation and development of the city. This publication is prepared in 33 different languages - in native languages of all the nationalities live in Odessa including Ukrainian and Russian, as well as in English - for a wider range of readers.

The magazine "Creative space of Odessa" is an edition that includes questions of musical, artistic and theatrical culture and is oriented on creative teaching and children's audience.

The restaurant reference book "Taste of Odessa" tells the story of spicy Odessa cuisine.

The Tourist reference book " Odessa recommends " is an edition, which sets out all necessary basic information for every tourist. In this guide, you can find answers to the questions: where to go, what are the main sights to visit, where to eat , do shopping and relax?

According to Director of The Department on Culture and Tourism, new editions were already represented in the libraries of the city, distributed at specialized international exhibitions and arose interest among both adults and children of different nationalities.







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