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/ Main / News / An invitation to take part in the International diversified fair

Placed: 15.03.2007 12:09:32

An invitation to take part in the International diversified fair

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and jointly with the Ukrainian Embassy in APDR invites to take part in the 40th International diversified fair taking place in Algeria on June, 2 – 7, 2007.

On June, 2 – 7, 2007, the 40th International fair will be taking place in the National Exhibition Center of Algeria People’s Democratic Republic.
In order to fix Ukraine’s international image as a perspective state with the potential opportunities of the national economics, international trade and innovation and investment climate development, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry gained the rights of Ukraine’s national exposition organizer delegate at the International Fair in Algeria. gained the rights of Ukraine’s national exposition organizer delegate at the International Fair in Algeria.
The fair, which coincides with Algeria’s 45th Independence Anniversary celebration this year, does traditionally gather African and Close Eastern business circles representatives and delivers a unique opportunity to present the new project, establish business bounds and search for business partners to promote the production not only at Algerian market, but on the other countries’ ones as well.
To participate the Fair please contact the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
via phone: +38 (044) 272-28-05, 272-32-86, 568-57-52;
via fax: +38 (044) 568-57-51;
mailto: expo@ucci.org.ua; vvv-expo@ucci.org.ua.

The last, 39th Fair was participated by over 1100 firms of 45 world countries and 520 Algerian entrepreneurs. It was visited by 350000 persons.
The Algerian government treats this Fair as the most important economic measure in the North-African region, place to exchange experience, arrange contacts and establish a mutually profitable cooperation to carry out profession activity.
There is a significant fact to be considered: the jubilee fair will be officially opened by the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
The modern Algeria is one of the largest and most developed African states. Algeria is the second biggest African country and the 12th biggest one in the world. Its population is approximately 31 million persons.
Algeria’s solvency is extremely high. The country’s export bases on petroleum and gas. Algeria occupies the 5th place in the world considering its natural gas reserves and is the world second gas transporter. There are significant iron, zinc, lead, copper, arsenic, quicksilver and phosphates entrails in Algeria, what allows the state to increase the financial incomes to the budget.

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