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/ Main / News / Odessa Art Museum celebrated its 115 anniversary

Placed: 12.11.2014 10:43:22

Odessa Art Museum celebrated its 115 anniversary

In Odessa Art Museum took place celebrations to 115th anniversary since its creation: an exhibition of museum works by world famous craftsmen and the opening of sculpture

November 6, 2014 the Odessa Art Museum celebrated 115 years since its foundation. On this day, at the museum took place celebrations, during which the inhabitants and guests of Odessa got acquainted with the glorious history of the museum and its modern achievements, visited the exhibition of works from the museum of Odessa artists of the second half of the XIX century and were able to enjoy the opening of the sculpture "Spectators" by the Honored Artist of Ukraine A. Knyazik. Also there was held a meeting and press conference.

The jubilee of Art Museum is a significant event not only for Odessa, but also for the whole of Ukraine. Collection of soviet fine art in Odessa Art Museum is one of the most significant and multifaceted in Ukraine. It covers all the kinds of visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, and includes works by Russian and Ukrainian iconography artists for the period from the XVI century to the present days, averaging over 10 thousand original works.

The building in which the museum is located, was built in the period between 1824 and 1828 years. The author of the project is unknown. The first owner of the palace was the Countess O.S. Naryshkina (Potockaya).
In 1888 the palace was bought by the Mayor of Odessa G.G. Marazli - an outstanding public figure, collector and patron. In 1892 Marazli gave the palace to city with the aim to accommodate there the museum of refined art. Collections transmitted from the Petersburg Academy of Arts were the first ones in museum. The museum is located in the heart of the city, above the sea, in the palace, which is a monument of architecture of the beginning of the XIX century and has an artificial underground grotto, open to the public.
The museum is located in 26 rooms on the two floors. It includes wonderful creations by icon painters of XVI-XVIII centuries and the early secular portraits of the XVII century. The portraits, created by the best artists of the XVIII - early XIX century, such as D. Levitsky, V. Borovikovsky, O. Kiprensky, V.Tropinin and the other introduced the art of the era.
Academic painting is presented by characteristic and significant works. The museum has a large collection of works by the artists of democratic direction in the national art of the second half of the XIX century; primarily there are members of the Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions. These are the works by famous artists I.Kramskoy, A. Savrasova, I. Levitan, I. Shishkin, O. Kuindzhy, I. Repin, V.Surikov, and many others. One of the best sections of the collection is the art of the XIX and XX centuries. It displays the variety and intensity of creative pursuit of this complicated time. The works by V. Serov, M. Vrubel, N. Roerich, B. Kustodiev, A. Benois, K. Somov, V. Kandinsky are worthily represented in the collections of the Museum. There is also exhibited a unique collection by Society of South Russian artists, founded in Odessa in 1890. The unique identity of works by K. Kostandi, G. Ladyzhensky, G. Golovkov, P. Nilus formed the basis of the Odessa painting school.
The branch of Modern Art presents the artistic life of Odessa since the 20s to the present day. The exhibition presents the best works by craftsmen of our city and the other regions of Ukraine.



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