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/ Main / News / The project for pensioners «University of the Third Age» has been successfully implemented in Odessa

Placed: 12.11.2014 14:39:01

The project for pensioners «University of the Third Age» has been successfully implemented in Odessa

Odessa pensioners have an opportunity to learn computer, learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle and psychology, to enhance their knowledge in the field of foreign languages, arts, culture and sports

Innovative socio-pedagogical project "University of the Third Age" for the elderly has been opened in 2013.
In the 2013-2014 school years, the training was carried out in 6 areas: arts and culture, the basics of computer literacy, the psychology, the basics of a healthy lifestyle, English and German. In addition to the main subjects the students learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology get a basic knowledge of medicine and pre-hospital care and do gymnastics.
Nowadays the territorial center has already accepted 150 students wishing to study at the 'University of the Third Age’. There were provided two new training areas: the basics of rhetoric and Italian language.
Also during the year the students were able to enjoy excursions to museums, holiday events and visit theater performances.
66 students become graduates of 2013-2014 academic years. Each of a student has received a certificate in the chosen direction of training by the project "University of the Third Age". In June 2014 in the Golden Hall of the Odessa Literary Museum was held a ceremonial graduation.
"University of the Third Age" is not only the institution for the elderly generation, but also it is a place for communication and spiritual warmth that students and staff of territorial center give to each other.



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