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/ Main / News / Landscapers planted another 270 rose bushes of «Odessa» sort in the City Garden

Placed: 27.11.2014 12:46:32

Landscapers planted another 270 rose bushes of «Odessa» sort in the City Garden

In the City Garden landscapers of the city planted another 270 rose bushes of «Odessa» sort - the gift made by the French company «Meilland» to the 220th anniversary of the city

The first 50 rose bushes of «Odessa» sort have been planted on the eve of the City Day. This variety of rose has been given specially for 220th anniversary of Odessa by the French company «Meilland» which practice in breeding and production of roses. This week in the City Garden it has been planted 270 rose bushes of this sort.

According to the experts, planting of seedlings in the south of the Odessa region can be done all year round, but in condition of the plant’s being in a resting phase. The main task of planting is to abundantly shed the root system for coating the roots. In addition, this rose is fully adapted to the climatic conditions of the region.

Coral color of the rose symbolizes vitality, optimism and undying energy of the inhabitants of Odessa.







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