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/ Main / News / All-Ukrainian Bulgarian newspaper celebrates its 25th anniversary

Placed: 12.12.2014 13:20:25

All-Ukrainian Bulgarian newspaper celebrates its 25th anniversary

In Odessa will be held festivities dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian state Bulgarian newspaper "Roden Krai": round table, presentation of published books, concert program and a festive table

In 2014, the Ukrainian state Bulgarian newspaper "Roden Krai" reaches the age of 25. Within the celebration of anniversary on 13-14 December in Odessa will be held festivities: a round table, presentation of published books, concert program, and a festive meal.

Ukraine is a home to the largest historical Bulgarian diaspora, which population according to official data is 201.4 thousand people. The newspaper "Roden krai" is published in Bulgarian by decision of the Government of Ukraine and with the financial support of the state.

For residents of Odessa region "Roden Krai" was released in 1989 for the first time. In 1992, with the proclamation of independence of Ukraine, on the newspaper "Roden Krai" and another 5 editions of National Minorities (Crimean-Tatar, Jewish, Romanian, Polish and Armenian) has been put the mission to develop ethno-national interests of democratic norms and standards in ethno-national life at the state level.

The work of editors of the "Rodin Krai" is an integral part of the Ukrainian aspirations for peace and prosperity for the citizens of all nationalities. For successful implementation of the national state ethnic policy the newspaper was awarded the highest levels, both in Ukraine and Bulgaria.

For its 25-year existence the newspaper "Roden Krai" has established itself as a spiritual inspiration for Bulgarians in Ukraine. "Rodin Krai" often provides various contests, meetings, round tables, tours, meetings and much more. The newspaper contributes to the strengthening of national consciousness, develops a sense of pride for national identity and brings the citizens patriotic feelings.





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