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/ Main / News / In Odessa fathers and grandfathers sang lullabies in 12 languages

Placed: 22.12.2014 17:31:56

In Odessa fathers and grandfathers sang lullabies in 12 languages

In Odessa has been presented unique music album: lullabies sang in 12 languages by the peoples living in Odessa

Since ancient times lullabies considered to be not just songs but a kind of talisman. Mothers of different nations are leaning over their children on the threshold of the night, trying to shield them from all distress by the harmony of sounds and words of a lullaby.

Unusual event took place in Odessa on the eve of one of the most beloved by children holiday - the Day of St. Nicholas. December 17 at the House of clowns has been presented a music album, recorded under the International Charity Fund project "Lullaby for the future".
The participants of project, creative teams of cultural centers and representatives of national diasporas of Odessa were present at the charity concert.
Special songs for children with special needs – this is how organizers decided to burn a CD with songs that have a therapeutic effect briefly describe their project. This is especially important for children with developmental problems, premature infants and children with mental development. The aim of the project is to raise funds for families who have children with special needs (autism, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, developmental delay), as well as the organization of psychological and social support for mothers who find themselves in a difficult situation.

As part of an unusual charity project were recorded lullabies of nations living in Odessa.

12 lullabies are performed by Armenians and Bulgarians, Greeks, Georgians, Jews, Germans, Poles and Roma, Ukrainians, French and Czechs. Almost all the performers are unprofessional singers, who trying to acquaint with the culture of their nation. And in recognition of Odessa, which has become a mother for people of different nationalities, on the disk is written one of the best known and most melodic songs about our city - "On the Black Sea".
The project is unique because the lullaby album performed ... by male voices of grandfathers and fathers for the future generations. The project "Lullaby from dad" has all the diversity of cultures and traditions of lullabies, and brought together representatives of different nations having universal values, the main thought among them is the lives of future generations. This project has already found international support and in the next year it will be continued.















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