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/ Main / News / The city officials and deputies helped utilities to clean Odessa of snow. Picture story

Placed: 31.12.2014 10:50:49

The city officials and deputies helped utilities to clean Odessa of snow. Picture story

The employees and members of the city council took active part in cleaning Odessa of snow. Picture story

The city officials and deputies headed by the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov cleared the snow from the ambulances’ driveway in the central ambulance station. There have also been cleared footpaths and roadway along the Odessa City Hospital №1, and were cleaned paths for the parked cars.

Many business leaders and entrepreneurs were also actively engaged in cleaning snow from areas adjacent to their businesses.

In addition the Dumska Square, where on December 31 will take place public events dedicated to celebration the New Year 2015 was cleared of snow.

According to Odessa meteorologists, over the past day in Odessa fell a record amount of snow in the city's history - 40 centimeters. As a result of continuing more than 12 hours gusty winds on the streets of Odessa formed the snow drifts more than a meter height.





















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