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/ Main / News / In Odessa have baked the biggest Christmas card of gingerbread in Ukraine. Picture story

Placed: 12.01.2015 09:36:43

In Odessa have baked the biggest Christmas card of gingerbread in Ukraine. Picture story

The Christmas card of gingerbread maid by Odessa bakers having size of 12.18 square km entered the Record book of Ukraine. Picture story

On January 2, 2015 under the celebration of the New Year's holidays Odessa city council in collaboration with bakers and painters made a surprise for winter holidays. At the Dumska square took place the presentation of huge Christmas card of gingerbread. This record has been fixed by representatives of the Record book of Ukraine. The size of card is 12.18 square kilometers.

Its main decoration is a picture made of icing. Different sights and temples of Odessa were at the picture. In the centre of the card there was an anchor-heart made in 3D format.
The vice mayor of Odessa congratulated all the present at the Dumska Square on the winter holidays.
After setting the record of Ukraine the holiday gingerbread card has been cut into pieces and given for all the children present at the square.

At this day in Odessa were also organized two New Year's performances. More than 600 children from orphanages as well as children came from the ATO area had an opportunity to look and take part in the New Year's celebration program.
After the first performance children have visited the Nativity scene at the Deribasovskaya Street.








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