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/ Main / News / Odessa Humorine to outshine Argentina Carnival with its beauty...

Placed: 27.03.2007 10:07:41

Odessa Humorine to outshine Argentina Carnival with its beauty...

The festive measures dedicated to Humorine 2007 are to be participated not only by the guests from different Ukrainian regions, but by the ones from all over the world.

There is less than a week left until the fest peculiar only to Odessa starts.
“Spring is really in love with this town,
Celebrating its name day,
All the city is laughing out loud –
Humorine’s coming to stay”.
These are first lines of a song about Humorine having been written especially for this fest, and it will be sounding on April, 1.
Nevertheless, Odessa citizens will feel that Humorine’s coming long before the date of April, 1.
On March, 29, an “You’re from Odessa and this means…” photo exhibition presenting art works of Odessa’s famous photo artist Dmitriy Zubritskiy will be open in Odessa city hall foyer.
The photos at this exhibition are dedicated to Odessa and its citizens. The spectators will see pictures from Humorine having taken place 15 or 20 years ago.
On March, 30, two really spectacular events are to take place in Odessa Literature museum. These are “Museum Workers Smiling” book presentation (it’s dedicated to Literature museum’s 30th anniversary) and well-known Odessa caricature artist Boris Lukin’s exhibition.
On April, 1, the festive measures will be taking place at three famous city stages. At the Theater square, “Burst but keep the fashion…” humor show will be demonstrated during four hours (from 12 a.m. till 4 p.m.). It will be participated by the artists from Odessa circus, stage, theaters, art collectives. These are “Masks” comic troop, famous Comedy Club, “UNO” and “Duke Tife” vocal ensembles, “Constellation” choreographic collective and many others. At the Primorskiy boulevard, “Odessa’s Smiles” program will be taking place at the same time. Songs, jokes, humor sayings about our native city will be sounding during this show. At the Greek square, Odessa citizens and guests will have an opportunity to take part in “Peculiar Odessa Side-Shows” with “Carnival” comic troop.
Odessa city council Culture and Arts Dept Head Roman Brodavko emphasized that Humorine management did its best for the presented program to be “really funny and bright”.
The Humorine will be continued by festive carnival procession consisting of 35 blocks and a gala concert at Kulikovo field.
It is expected that the Humorine 2007 festive measures will be participated not only by Odessa citizens and guests from different Ukrainian regions, but by ones from all over the world as well. It was announced that there are no apartments left in Odessa hotels – all of them have already been booked.

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