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/ Main / News / A photo exhibition dedicated to Odessa has been opened in Marseille

Placed: 23.01.2015 11:11:53

A photo exhibition dedicated to Odessa has been opened in Marseille

Photo exhibition "Marseille-Odessa: cross-view" has been solemnly opened in the city library of Marseille, and later it will be presented in Odessa

An original art project has been implemented as part of development of cultural relations between the sister-cities of Odessa and Marseille (French Republic). In 2014 year, the sister-cities had exchanged the photo artists: within a month the citizen of Odessa lived and photographed in Marseille, and the citizen of Marseille - in Odessa. The exhibition "Marcel-Odessa: cross-view" became the result of their work. The photo-exhibition has been opened on January 16 in the city library of Marcel "Alcazar".

The opening was preceded by a lecture. Professor of the University of Paris "Sorbonne" highlighted the long-term political, economic and cultural ties between our cities, as well as designated the French role in the development of Odessa.

The opening was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Odessa, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the city of Nice (France), Deputy Mayor of Marseille and the other officials.

This project was supported by the City Councils of Odessa and Marseille, as well as "ALLIANCE FRANCAISE in Odessa."

The exhibition will be opened in Marseille until 15th of March 2015, and then as part of the Festival "French Spring in Odessa" it will be also presented in Odessa. 














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