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/ Main / News / Odessa retains the status of a city with a million-plus population

Placed: 28.01.2015 17:20:25

Odessa retains the status of a city with a million-plus population

According to the Main Statistical Office in the Odessa region, the population of the city of Odessa on December the 1, 2014 year was 1,016,773 people

The calculation of million-plus city status is based on the number of existing population - the number of people who regardless of their place of residence actually live in Odessa.

The first independent population census was conducted as of December 5, 2001. In accordance with this census in Ukraine were 5 cities with million-plus population.

According to the Main Statistical Office in the Odessa region, the number of the existing population in Odessa as of 01.12.2014 was1, 016,773 people, this is 36 less than at the 01.12.2013.
The population is taken into account in the estimations for the costs of:
- content of management bodies;
- culture and art;
- physical culture and sports;
- social programs in the field of family, women, youth and children.

In Ukraine the cities with a million-plus population have an important place in attraction and concentration of human, labor, industrial, cultural, economic resources and centers of socio-economic development for the region, and so as for several surrounding regions.

Their importance in this capacity depends not only on the number of inhabitants, but also on other factors, the most important of which are the level of income, gained economic and cultural potential, as well as the specifics of the neighboring regions, for which the million-plus cities are the centers of transport, higher education , trade, logistics, culture and the other.

The largest cities are command centers of the country. Vector of their development determines the future of the country as a whole.

Until 2020 (the majority of strategic plans of the million-plus population cities are precisely aimed at this boundary) it will be able to access, how successful were the efforts of city-planners, whether they have reached the point of development, what corrections they have made for the development of external factors - public policy, activity of citizens or prices for oil.


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