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/ Main / News / The park for extreme sports to be created in Odessa

Placed: 03.02.2015 17:18:31

The park for extreme sports to be created in Odessa

The sketch project of the park complex for extreme sports was discussed at the initiative of the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov at the City Council. The complex is going to be built in the park Lunniy

January 31, 2015, in the small hall of the Odessa City Council was held a meeting of construction and architectural organizations representatives’ with skaters, skateboarders and bicycle motocrossers. At the meeting were discussed the possibilities of building a complex park for extreme sports in Odessa.

On the basis of international experience of building skate parks all the present had an opportunity to see and discuss the project sketch of future sport complex. Extreme Sport Park will be located on the place of an existing pool in the Lunniy Park.

The park for extreme sports is going to consist of flat surfaces for novice skaters, hills of different slopes, pools (bowls) with different depths and climbs.
"We can speak a lot about healthy lifestyles, the danger of smoking, drugs and alcohol. But creating conditions for the youth to do sports and to splash accumulated energy is better. The future skate park should be a central place where extreme athletes will be able to practice their favorite sport, "- pointed the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov. 















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