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One more colt was born in Odessa zoo. Photo

In Odessa Zoo the Bactrian camels have born another one colt. Photo

March 28, 2015 a couple of Bactrian camels, living in Odessa Zoo again pleased the staff and visitors of the park with the birth of another one colt. The first baby was born on the 25 of March.

Newborn feels good. Accompanied by his parents, he walks in the cage and carefully examines environment.

Odessa Zoo invites the habitants and guests of the city to watch fun kids’ games.


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There is a real baby boom in Odessa Zoo now. The first baby of this year was the goat - the symbol of 2015. A pair of moufflons, as well as White Horse, lamas and Cameroonian goats also became happy parents.

Until June, all the kids will remain nameless. Their names will be given at the annual festival "Kids Day".





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