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Unusual recruitment in Odessa zoo. Photo

A baby of Egyptian fruit Bat was born in Odessa zoo. Photo

In Odessa Zoo is unusual recruitment. The female of Egyptian fruit Bat gave birth to a baby. Rousettes are very caring parents. The mother of the newborn baby actively eats fruits to milk-fed.

According to employees of the Odessa Zoo, the level of breeding animals in captivity is extremely high. In nature there are some species that reproduce without problems (for example, the European mouflon, Cameroonian goat, and common cormorant). The breeding of the most of Odessa zoo species (for example the Far Eastern leopard, the Chinese muntjac, Sarmatian wood snake, Saker falcon, owl and the other) requires staff professionalism.

The breeding of Hawk Goshawk is considered to be the great achievement of Odessa zoo workers (before no one in Ukraine could crossbreed the bird).

All the babies born this spring in Odessa zoo successfully grow and delight visitors of the park.


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