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Unique recruitment in Odessa Zoo. Photo

In Odessa zoo appeared unique baby of fastidious beast of prey - goshawk. Photo

A special event is in Odessa Zoo: beautiful, but extremely fastidious and aggressive goshawks became parents.

The hawks contained in Odessa Zoo are rare, endangered species of birds of prey listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

These birds are very difficult to maintain in vitro, and it is almost impossible to achieve success in breeding of this species in captivity.

Last year, ornithologists of Odessa zoo created all the necessary conditions for the Goshawk’s breeding. Previously, no one in Ukraine could achieve the offspring from this bird of prey.

The last year unique success of zoo experts was not accidental: on May 7 2015 in the nest of the female goshawk were successfully piped two nestlings. The mother carefully protects her offspring. 


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