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The memorial of heroic defense of Odessa is 40 years

The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and the 40th anniversary of Odessa heroic defense memorial celebrated in the Kievskiy district. Photo

On May 8 at the 411th Coast Battery (the Memorial of heroic defensive of Odessa) was held a meeting-requiem, which was attended by veterans, residents of the district, authorities of the Kievskiy district administration and pupils.

On May 9, 2015 at the Memorial of heroic defense of Odessa the creative teams of the district performed favorite songs of the war years to the citizens of Odessa in occasion of the Victory Day. All the veterans and guests could try a porridge cooked in the field kitchen. The Secretary of Odessa City Council Oleg Bryndak and the Head of the Kievsky district administration Vladimir Kireev congratulated participants of the festive events on the Victory Day.

The Memorial of the heroic defense also noted its 40th anniversary on this solemn day. The museum staff have prepared and opened a new exhibition named "The Battery from legends". 







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