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/ Main / News / Quingdao municipality representatives for enlivening bounds with Odessa

Placed: 19.04.2007 09:08:11

Quingdao municipality representatives for enlivening bounds with Odessa

Representatives of Odessa’s Chinese sister city Quingdao are for enlivening bounds with Odessa. The negotiations having taken place on April, 18, in Odessa city council were aimed at discussing the cooperation perspectives.

municipality representatives are for enlivening bounds with Odessa.
This was announced on April, 18, at the meeting in Odessa city council. The negotiations were aimed at discussing the perspectives of cooperation between the two sister cities.
At the time being, China occupies the world first place in different ware import to Odessa market.
Cooperation with the Chinese partners is a priority for Odessa Marine Trading Port as well.
The guests from Quingdao announced their being extremely interested in cooperation in economics and trade sphere and assured they will help the citizens of Odessa in searching for partners and improving the straight bilateral bounds.
Quingdao is a city famous for its modern and reliable electronic technique, light and textile industry, it has a powerful marine trading port. “If the businessmen from Odessa are interested in developing cooperation in these spheres we are ready to. Odessa and Quingdao may become the centers of both countries’ trading bounds concentration”, said Quindgao municipality international relations dept deputy head.
Quingdao municipality representatives are ready to help with stirring up the two sister cities’ mass-media connections. This can be a TV programs week and TV broadcasting bridge holding in order to get the Chinese city’s inhabitants with Odessa citizens life and vice versa. Such information can appear in the newspapers as well.
In the nearest future, there will appear a link to Odessa city official portal omr.gov.ua will appear at Quingdao’s official site www.qingdao.gov.cn.
As a result of the negotiations having been held, an Intention Protocol about the possible cooperation directions is to be signed the nearest days.

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