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Recruitment in Odessa dolphinarium. Photo of a dolphin. Video

Today in Odessa dolphinarium is a joyful event - a dolphin was born. Photo. Video

Today in Odessa dolphinarium was born a dolphin. The mother Penelope, (who was also born in Odessa dolphinarium), born the first child under the guidance of the best specialists in the maintenance and education of marine mammals. Penelope was recently placed in the main pool with a large number of experienced moms and the dad - Gulliver will meet soon with the child and will actively participate in his training.

The baby surfaced to make his first breath. The mother actively supported him during the swimming – the fins of infants are still soft and they need support while swimming.

Currently, the little dolphin and his mother feel good. The kid is absolutely healthy, full of strength and energy. The mother is always with her baby, feeds him, taught to float, and dive. The dolphins’ feeding is a very interesting ritual: the baby pushes the mother in a paunch by its nose and milk runs out in the water. Then the milk crystallizes into small particles and a little dolphin eats them. The young mother is now fed due to a special diet.

The baby has no name because the gender can be determined only one month later.

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A week later the dolphin Tom will celebrate the second anniversary, and then the baby Assol, who was also born in Odessa dolphinarium.



Mum teaches her baby-dolphin to swim  5/21/15


Photo by S. Perov



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