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In Odessa is going to appear a memorial sign to the European Film Academy

On the Odessa Potemkin Stairs are going to install a memorial sign to the European Film Academy

In Odessa City Council was held a regular meeting of historical and toponymic Commission of Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council, where were discussed a number of issues. The special issue on the agenda of the meeting was the Commission’s proposal to install in Odessa memorial sign to the European Film Academy.
The initiative to install memorial signs on significant locations for the world of cinema was announced at the annual awards ceremony of the European Film Academy in December 2014 in Riga, Latvia. A memorial sign for brings such a significant place a special status - Treasure of European Film Culture.
Such signs have been installed in Lyon (France) on the house where the Lumière brothers were born; in the Eisenstein Centre in Moscow; Bergmancenter in the city of Faro (Sweden) and World of Tonino Guerra in Pennabilli (Italy).
It is assumed that a memorial sign to be erected within the framework of Odessa International Film Festival. The Potemkin Stairs which is the one of the most world-famous architectural structures in the history of cinema became the place of location of the selected sign.


The creation of the European Film Academy (EFA) was the initiative of a group of Europe’s finest filmmakers brought together on the occasion of the first European Film Awards Ceremony held in November 1988. EFA was finally founded in 1989 as the European Cinema Society by its first president Ingmar Bergman and 40 filmmakers to advance the interests of the European film industry. Current chairwoman is Polish director Agnieszka Holland.
The European Film Academy (EFA) now unites more than 3,000 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting European film culture. Throughout the year, the EFA initiates and participates in a series of activities dealing with film politics as well as economic, artistic, and training aspects. The programme includes conferences, seminars and workshops, and a common goal is to build a bridge between creativity and the industry. These activities culminate in the annual presentation of the European Film Awards.
Inspired by an idea of EFA Members Naum Kleiman and Ulrich & Erika Gregor, the European Film Academy proudly presented a new initiative: TREASURES OF EUROPEAN FILM CULTURE, a list of places of a symbolic nature for European cinema, places of historical value that need to be maintained and protected not just now but also for generations to come.





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