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Taoist yoga festival was held in Odessa. Photo

Masters of Taoist Yoga presented show program and conducted master classes on Odessa beach. Picture story

On July 27-28, as part of the Festival of festivals "Want to Odessa" at the beach "Langeron" was held a festival of Taoist Yoga "Hong Gia 2015".

Master of "Hong Gia Viet Nam", who came from different cities of Ukraine, presented the guests of the festival show program with elements of Qigong (breaking objects, elements with spears, swords, and more).

The organizers also held a master class on the Taoist Yoga and an open lesson on Taoist Gymnastics "Hong Gia."



Hong Gia Viet Nam (La-Phu-Son) is an ancient Taoist internal Kung Fu based upon Wu Chi (the essentials of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua) and Nga Mi (Beautiful Eyebrow). It utilizes Noi Cong (nei kung), Chi Kung, and fighting movements so that  people can develop (in order) health, strength, and self-defense.
As an "internal" martial art it strives to obtain great speed and power with minimal physical effort by utilzing the tendons, chi, and body position. As in other internal styles, Hong Gia utilizes the five elements (Water, Earth, Wood, Fire, and Metal) and mimics the movements of many animals, the primary animals being Crane, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, and Leopard.







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