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/ Main / News / Eduard Gurvits: Finnish Oulu is the first and the oldest sister city of Odessa

Placed: 26.04.2007 13:32:07

Eduard Gurvits: Finnish Oulu is the first and the oldest sister city of Odessa

On April, 25, a meeting of Odessa City Mayor with the sister city Oulu’s delegation took place.

Eduard Gurvits: Finnish Oulu is the first and the oldest sister city of Odessa.
Odessa City Mayor Eduard Gurvits supported continuation and stirring up of sister city relations with Oulu during the meeting with the representatives of this city’s municipality and business.
“Odessa and Oulu are a part of authoritative “Eurocities” organization. We are grateful to our Finnish friends for having supported the idea of carrying out the Europe Football Cup 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. And even though things happened so that Odessa found herself among the reserve host cities, I am sure that the Championship games will be taking place in Odessa as well”, emphasized Eduard Gurvits at a festive function dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Odessa and Oulu sister cities’ relations establishments.
Eduard Gurvits has extremely emphasized that ever person having come back to Odessa from Oulu “tell about unprecedented hostility and sincere reception. We will also do everything for you all to feel yourself in Odessa as wanted guests”.
Odessa city mayor invited the businessmen from Oulu to take part in different investment projects being fulfilled by the city administration at the time being. The both sides discussed the question of renewing the exchange between Oulu University and I.I. Mechnikov Odessa State University, search of the new bilateral business contacts and their further development being extremely necessary.
Odessa City Administration representatives were invited to Oulu Day celebration traditionally taking place in the beginning of September.

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