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Black Sea Yacht Clubís jubilee regatta was held in Odessa. Picture story

Odessa Black Sea Yacht Club celebrated the 140th anniversary. Big photo report

The Yacht Race dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Black Sea Yacht Club was held in Odessa on July 11-12, 2015. The cruising regatta was attended by over 40 yachts.
A competition on yawls took place between the teams of maritime training institutions as a part of regatta.
At the holiday also were held contests on radio-controlled model boats, thematic exhibitions and concerts, as well as the food court of Odessa and Mediterranean cuisine.


Founded in 1875, Odessa Black Sea Yacht Club included representatives of the richest aristocratic families of the city. This period in the history of the club stores the names of the beautiful boats and distinguished captains: Rear Admiral N.M. Chikhachev, M.N. Bukharin, G.S. Supichich, Traboti I., Barkovsky I.I., V.M. Polansky, M.I. Samoilovich, F.I. Michel, and the other.
One more exciting activity of the Black Sea Yacht Club was to organize cruises along the coast. They were usually held in the area of the Small Fountain and ended with a picnic on the beach. Women also had an opportunity to participate in such activities, although, according to the statute, they could not be members of the club.
In 1893, the sailing club, created for teaching sailing was organized at the initiative of Vice-Commander of the Black Sea Yacht Club. The watercrafts owned by the Yacht Club were given for exploitation because the members of the club had no own shipping. This has contributed to democratization of both the Black Sea Yacht Club and the development of sailing in Odessa in general.
By 1913, the Black Sea Yacht Club consisted of 160 members, and its fleet consisted of 20 sailing vessels of different types (schooners, tenders, and deck boats), 6 motorized vessels and 41 rowing boats. In 1910, the club became the owner of the world-class yacht "Moyana" constructed on the English shipyard, and which was the same class with yachts of Spanish King Alfonso "Spain", the British royal family’s "Vanity", "Sophia Elizabeth", and the Yacht Club’s of kingdom Monaco "Twig". It is noteworthy that "Moyana" became a "social boat", which could be used by any qualified member of the club.
The activity of the club helped to increase its popularity and status. Representatives of the royal family joined the ranks of honorary members.
The First World War as well as October Revolution put an end to the first period of the Black Sea Yacht Club’s existence, its growth and prosperity. The glorious "Moyana" has miraculous been preserved. It was renamed to "Lieutenant Schmidt" and became the basis for recreating the "proletarian" Black Sea Yacht Club. Since 1923, the future founder of the Soviet space program, Sergei Korolev has been sailing on it.

The next trial for the Odessa yachting was the World War Second and the occupation. Almost the all the fleet of sailing was hijacked in Romania - including "Lieutenant Schmidt." After the war, the legendary boat has returned to Odessa.
The postwar period brought a new stage of development of the club. His fleet replenished mainly with sports boats. Odessa participated in team trainings on sailing at the Olympics in 1952 in Helsinki along with the other yacht clubs of the country. By the mid-50s a good team of riders has been already formed in Odessa.
In 1967, the yacht club got its own harbor in Otrada. It was built the shore break, was cleared the ground for the waterfront. On the territory of the yacht club was placed the Water Bases of Higher Naval Academy and Maritime Institute, children's sailing school and a flotilla of young sailors.
There appeared new types of boats. In the 50s preferred Olympic classes, and in 60-70 they were displaced by cruising ones. There were held regular regattas "Big" and "Small" "Black Sea Cups". Odessa sailors won at the "Baltic Cup", as well as international regattas in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and USA. In 1989, members of the club participated in the "Cup of Columbus", dedicated to the 500th anniversary of America discovery. In 1990, the crew under the command of Mikhail Petukhov took part in the 1000 mile Italian regatta on the route Rimminen - Corfu - Rimminen. Odessites took part in the round the world sailing race "Whitbread" and "the world yacht Everest "in 1989-90 and 1993-94 under the leadership of Anatoly Verba.






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