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/ Main / News / International European culture and science affairs conference held in Odessa

Placed: 28.04.2007 14:52:14

International European culture and science affairs conference held in Odessa

PUBLIC GATHERING connected to Europe Now|Next - a culturebase.net project took place in Odessa.

Arts and Science Encounter
PUBLIC GATHERING connected to Europe Now|Next - a culturebase.net project
27 April 2007, 9:00 - 15:00
Odessa, Ukraine

high-profile group of International Cultural and Scientific Experts will give a Public Conference on Arts and Science in Europe: Sharing Knowledge Between the Black and North Sea Coasts. The Conference will be chaired by Adrienne Goehler, former Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin, Germany and will cover the areas of archaeology, anthropology, urban planning, environmentalism and culture. Part of the conference will examine the challenges faced by environmentalists in the Black Sea region and at the heritage conservation work in Odessa, and ask what alliances can be formed between scientists and artists in creating solutions and raising awareness politically and socially of pollution, global warming and the preservation of natural and built heritage.

Participants will include award winning British Journalist and Historian Neal Ascherson, world famous theatre director Eugenio Barba, Ukrainian environmentalist Viktor Karamushka, Ronny Aanes of the Norwegian Polar Institute and Polar Environmental Centre, Jacek Dominiczak Architect and Anthropologist Monika Zawadska both from Poland, Ralf Steeg, water expert and founder of SPREE2011, Germany and theatre director Kirsten Dehlholm from Denmark. There will also be representatives of the City and Region of Odessa.

The Public Conference is part of a larger meeting of European directors, filmmakers, artists and cultural organisations coming to Odessa to discuss Black/North SEAS, a major three year project linking Odessa culturally with 11 other coastal cities in the North Sea and the Black Sea. The Black/North SEAS project is organised by the Swedish cultural organisation Intercult, funded by the European Union Culture 2000 programme and the European Cultural Foundation. The international delegation will visit Odessa 25-29 April 2007 and consists of a group of over 80 artists, scientists and cultural experts from across Europe. Their aim is to develop new and lasting connections with the cultural community of the city and to prepare plans for premiers of new work in Odessa in 2008 that will tackle subjects such as the environment, city planning and trans-national cooperation between artists.

Gathering: Odessa, Ukraine 25-29 april 2007
in collaboration with:
Europe Now|Next - a culturebase.net encounter
The European Union/Culture 2000 programme
The European Cultural Foundation/ECF
The Swedish Institute
The Ukrainian Drama Theatre/Odessa
Association New Music/Odessa
British Council/Odessa
and others …
tue 24 april
Press – conference – time tbc – Odessa City Council
wed 25 april
arrival all participants - morning and afternoon - to hotels
Opening Reception - 18:00 - Ukrainian Drama Theatre
Welcome by Vice Mayor of Odessa, the Governor of the Odessa region and other Hosts
Performance at Ukrainian Drama Theatre: “Edip” - 19:30
directed by Dmytro Bogomasov (Ukrainian SEAS artist)
Dinner together with participants and Ukrainian Theatre colleagues (Ukrainian Drama Theatre)
thurs 26 april
Black/North SEAS: Orientation Session, 10:00 - 13:00 (Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre)
Greetings. Presentation of Odessa and Ukraine. Challenges.
Discussion of framework/schedule/organisational structures
Presentation of 25++ Film by Gilles Coudert/Apres film. Intro by Carol Scipion.
Black/North SEAS - Production & Technical meeting, 14:30-16:30
Partners/Hosts/Tech Team/Production (Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre)
Artists may use this time to prepare their presentations for friday and saturday
Visit to the Odessa Opera House (under re-construction), 17:00-18:00
Performance at Ukrainian National Theatre: Ukrainian Decamerone” - 19:00
plus 25++ Film (30 min) as short prologue or epilogue
Participants will have the evening free
fri 27 april
Arts and Science Encounter, 9:00 - 15:30 (venue to be confirmed)
PUBLIC GATHERING connected to Europe Now|Next - a culturebase.net project
moderators: Adrienne Goehler/Germany and Chris Torch/Sweden
S      Jacek Dominiczak/Monika Zawadzka - architects and professors/Poland
S      City Heritage experts and architects - Odessa/Ukraine
S      Eugenio Barba/Julia Varley - director and artist/Denmark
S      Neal Ascherson - historian and journalist/UK
S      Viktor Karamushka - enviromental expert, Black Sea region/Ukraine
S      Ralf Steeg - water expert/Germany
S      Dr. Ronny Aanes - Norwegian Polar Institute/Tromsø, Norway
S      Kirsten Dehlholm/Ralf Richardt Strobech - co-directors Hotel Pro Forma/Denmark
SEAS Plenary: DATES presentations, 16:00-17:30 (venue to be confirmed) - 3 projects
moderated by Chris Torch and Adam Jeanes, Intercult.
Performance: Comic-group Maski/”Non-Stop Clowns” at House of Clowns, 18:00
Dinner - own choice
sat 28 april
Black/North SEAS Framework: Club, Training, Stories
plus 3 SEAS Flagship presentations, 10:00-13:00 (Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre)
SEAS Plenary: DATES presentations, 14:00-17:30 (Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre)
6 projects, moderated by Chris Torch and Adam Jeanes, Intercult.
SEAS Performance: BADco/”Deleted Messages” at Ukrainian Drama Theatre, 19:00
Dinner and Final Party
sun 29 april
Most participants depart                                                                                                  
Advisors meetings when possible: 10:00 - 12:00
Evaluation: SEAS staff, partners, advisors - afternoon, 12:00 - 16:00
Performance:What’s Hecuba to Them?”
direction: Dmytro Bogomasov at Ukrainian Drama Theatre, 18:30

September 8-9

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