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/ Main / News / The 5th «SAGE» World Cup to be taking place in Odessa on July, 31 – August, 4

Placed: 02.05.2007 09:03:53

The 5th «SAGE» World Cup to be taking place in Odessa on July, 31 – August, 4

The 5th “SAGE” World Cup is planned to be carried out under “Schoolchildren for global entrepreneur development” name.

In order to develop the studying youth’s entrepreneur initiative and increase the business’ social responsibility level, Odessa City Mayor issue a Decree to coordinate the 5th “SAGE” World Cup’s program.
“SAGE” Championship will be taking place on July, 31 – August, 4, in Odessa this year.
According to the Decree having been adopted, Odessa City Council’s executive bodies are to provide organizational and financial support to the 5th “SAGE” World Championship carrying out.
The following departments are involved in holding the Cup:
-          Youth and Family Policy dept;
-          Economics, Investment Policy and Outer-Economical Activity dept;
-          Information dept;
-          Recreation Complex and Tourism dept;
-          International Relations, European Integration and Odessa Diaspora Affairs dept;
-          Culture and Arts Affairs dept;
-          Education and Science dept.
Youth and Family Policy dept is to provide the measure’s partial financing of 36 000 UAH sum.
The National SAGE – 2007 World Championship Holding Committee’s aim is to draw attention of the empowered structures, social organizations and business elite to this international event of great significance to be taking place in our city.
Schoolchildren from Odessa have been presenting Ukraine at SAGE World Championships for two times and have won the two of them (San Francisco 2005, Shanghai 2006). The team was supported by Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits and “First Credit Union” Chairman A. Azarov.
The International SAGE committee adopted a decision to hold this year’s Championship in Ukraine in order to mark off the outstanding merits in youth business undertaking and active advance of “Let’s change the world for the best” idea.
Our city will accept the teams of 14 world countries including the USA, Brazil, Russia, Ghana, Singapore, Canada and others.

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