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In Odessa City Council was held a meeting of historical and toponymic commission

The issues of setting a bust to the great philanthropist and distinguished Odessa Mayor Grigory Marazli were discussed at the proceeding of historical and toponymic commission

On July 23 a meeting of Odessa Executive Committee’s historical and toponymic commission was held in the city council. The commission considers the issues of memorizing distinguished Odessites.

During the meeting commission had examined the appeal of Odessa Regional Greek Foundation named after Grigory Marazli on installation of the bust to famous mayor, and a prominent philanthropist Grigory Marazli.

Commission recommended to set the bust on the Greek square and instructed the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning to determine the place of installation and develop improvement project of the area adjacent to the monument, which will be rational from the architectural and artistic point of view.



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Grigory Grigorievich Marazli (1831-1905) — Odessa Mayor (1878-1895), arts patron. He helped to build Odessa city library, theater, a lot of charitable and educational establishments, hospitals, post office, water-supply system, tram lines, markets, first stadium and many other buildings in the city.

The name of Marazli entered the history of Odessa at last third of the XIX century as a symbol of love for his hometown and is associated with charity and patronage.

In his honor was named the New Street in 1895. Today Marazlievskaya Street is one of the most beautiful streets of Odessa. Almost every building on the street differs by its architectural elegance; many of them have a great history.


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