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/ Main / News / In blessed memory of WWII Heroes

Placed: 10.05.2007 14:30:42

In blessed memory of WWII Heroes

Memorial tables and monuments dedicated to three WWII Heroes installed in Odessa

On May, 9, Odessa’s celebrating the 62nd Anniversary of the Victory in the World War II and honoring the blessed memory of the Heroes having perished during this war.
In Odessa, memorial tables and monuments dedicated to three Heroes of the World War II having lived in our city were installed.

Valentin Plekhanov

Pyotr Gnido

Yevgeniy Gorelik

Lieutenant-general, military and political figure of the past century’s 70ies – 90’ies, Ukrainian SSR Honorary Culture worker Valentin Plekhanov was the member of the Military Council, head of the 5th Army political dept.
In order to mark off his services to the Motherland, Lt.-Gen. Plekhanov was rewarded with numerous medals, orders and decorations, including the “Red Star” and “For Service to Motherland” ones and “Ukrainian SSR Honorary Culture Worker” title.
Valentin Plekhanov has written three books and published a lot of articles and essays, has worked as a consultant in several art movies.
Major-General Pyotr Gnido was an outstanding pursuit plane pilot having carried out 412 military flights and destroyed 41 enemy’s planes. The Soviet Union Hero GM Pyotr Gnido was one of the 50 eminent USSR military pilots was included in the International “Air Aces of the World War II” catalogue.
GM Gnido was rewarded with numerous orders and medals, including Lenin Order, Star of Hero, four Red Flag Orders, two I Level World War Orders, three Red Star Orders, “Czechoslovakia Military Cross” Order.
Senior Lieutenant Air Squadron Navigator Yevgeniy Gorelik has carried out 303 military flights to bombard the objects of extra importance in the enemy’s far rear. He was honored with “Hero of Soviet Union” title.
Servicemen of Gorelik’s regiment had a joke “if you want to become a Hero – fly with Gorelik”. His intricate shooting became a legend alive.
Yevgeniy Gorelik was rewarded with numerous orders and decorations, including I Level World War Order, two Red Flag Orders, Red Star Orders, Yugoslavian I Level “Partisan Star” Order and Medals and two Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Orders.

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