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/ Main / News / German theater’s play to be presented in Odessa on May, 11 – 20

Placed: 12.05.2007 13:30:41

German theater’s play to be presented in Odessa on May, 11 – 20

«Tredeschin» theater from Germany to hit the road. Odessa is the destination point.

“Thedeschin” theater from Germany will be visiting Odessa for 2 weeks. There are three plays to be demonstrated: “Bremen City Musicians” comic puppet fairy tale play (destined for children), Medieval singspiel type “King Arthur” play and a play dedicated to German ballads. The plays will be taking place in German studying schools, Bavarian House and Pedagogical University.
The theater is acknowledged not only in native Stuttgart, but in many European countries including Italy, Switzerland, and France as well. The group will be visiting Ukraine for the first time.
The Theater consists of only 7 players and many plays are participated by only 2-4 actors.
The plays are peculiar not only because of their chamber type, but because of their combining historical, fairy tale or literature basis with bright modern adaptation.

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