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The navigation of cruise passenger liners in Odessa seaport ended

This season Odessa seaport was visited by cruise passenger liners: AMADEA, SERENISSIMA and ISLAND SKY

October 4-5 the port of Odessa was visited by the passenger liner ISLAND SKY (91 m, the flag of the Bahamas).
The ship crossed the gates of the port in the morning on October 4th. On the board of small comfortable vessel were 99 passengers, mostly from Western Europe. During a two-day visit tourists had an extensive cultural and entertainment program. The ship departed at Constanta in the afternoon on October 5.

Yesterday, on October 8, Odessa port was visited by a small cruise ship SERENISSIMA (87,4 m, the flag of Saint Vincent). The liner visited Odessa three times before that - twice in 2013 and one time in 2014.

Among the 98 passengers of liner were residents of the UK, North American states and several Irish.

SERENISSIMA ship headed for Nessebar (Bulgaria) at 13:00 having crossed with a liner AMADEA.

On the 8th of October one more cruise liner AMADEA (192,8 m, flag of Bahamas) moored in the seaport of South Palmira and was the last cruise liner visited Odessa for this season. There were 472 tourists from Germany on the white board of the liner. AMADEA visited the port of Sinop (Turkey) before Odessa. At 19:00 the last ship of the season left the harbor and headed for the Bosphorus.

One of the world leading cruise companies` liner visited Odessa. Photo

Cruise liner Star Pride visited Odessa. Picture story







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