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/ Main / News / «Person’s lawful socializing and mass-media» seminar to take place in Odessa

Placed: 23.05.2007 13:49:05

«Person’s lawful socializing and mass-media» seminar to take place in Odessa

On June, 5, “Person’s lawful socializing and mass-media” seminar will be held in the network of Mass-media Support Program.

Odessa City Council Information Dept

in the network of Mass-media Support Program

Persons lawful socializing and mass-media seminar


June, 5, 2007    Odessa , “Valentinahotel, 2, Kurortny lane



Odessa City Council Information Dept


Methodical information and consultation providing, experience exchange concerning law-orientated information collecting, processing and spreading affairs, Odessa mass-media workers’ professional level upgrading.


Local mass-media representatives, social organizations representatives, local self-government bodies and state government representatives, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University students.

Seminar host:

 Kulichenko Vladimir, Odessa National Marine University juridical faculty’s philosophy dept Candidate of Philosophic Studies, Docent.


Seminar schedule


9:30 -10:00 – participants’ registration

10:00 –   seminar managements introductory word, participantspresenting

10:20 –  «Persons lawful socializing nowadays and mass-medias role in this process» seminar

11:30  - coffee-break

11:50 – «Lawful nihilism: reasons, essence, overcoming prospects. Mass-media’s role» seminar-discussion.


For more information please contact

Odessa City Council Information Dept

by phone: +3 (8048) 722-10-26, 725-09-12 or

via e-mail: press@omr.gov.ua


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