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A walk through Odessa zoo

One day and 175 moments about the life of Odessa zoo. Picture story

The life in Odessa Zoo flows through the established order for the last 90 years. Zoo workers spend time cleaning the territory and animal’s cages, as well as prepare food for them from early morning. About 40 employees take care of the animals.

Stretching after sleeping in the cages and walking around enclosures, zoo inhabitants await feeding time. The number of feedings per day is different for different types of animals. Thus, carnivores are fed once a day, because of their low movability. Elephants and ungulates eat three times a day, poultry - 1 or 2 times depending on the species.

Most of all eats the biggest inhabitant of the zoo - elephant Wendy. The daily feeding of this herbivore includes vegetables, bread, green mass, branches and has a total weight up to 200 kg. The menu of tigers consists only from meat. The male eats 12 kg, and the female - 10 kg. Different grain, hay and vegetables make up the menu of ungulates (they eat about 15 kg). Pelican eats 1 kg of various fish.

Zoo staff had studied "gastronomic weakness" of the pets and include their favorite treats in ration. So, coatis gladly eat eggs and sweet grapes. Unlike their cousins, coati Mishka prefers only chicken of meat.

Porcupines love scones with jam, zebra and antelope - apples, bears - fish and milk food. Elephant is delighted with melons and watermelons, and even happy to eat sweet rolls. Pelicans prefer carp and small carp among different species of fish.

Green Monkeys are very fond of apples. Zoo staff, knowing the playful and restless nature of these animals, prepared a kind of entertainment for them: they put food in a box filled with leaves and paper. Monkeys search for their favorite delicacies with passion.
There is and unusual feature of the lion Samba: before eating a chicken offered to him, he is sure to wash it in water, which is in the drinker. According to zoo staff, the behavior of lion is usual and not typical for this kind.

The pet from "Rural patio" goat Kuzmich is known for his persistent harassment with the requirement "to apply for food". The goat uses a special tactics - makes a distinctive sound that can be called singing. And then no one can resist and always give something to treat "an artist."

Odessa Zoo invites citizens and guests of Odessa to join the world of living and wildlife, meet the inhabitants of the zoo, learn a lot about their habits and inclinations, to take part in the festivities and entertainment programs.












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