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Christmas gingerbread city to be built in Odessa

From 4 to 10 January an exhibition of gingerbread houses to be in Odessa. Baking lovers, restaurants and cafes, businesses, museums, small businesses and large enterprises are invited to participation

In Odessa started collecting gingerbread houses for the construction of the traditional gingerbread city.

Construction of unusual city takes place on Exhibition of gingerbread houses, which takes place in Korobchinsky Art Center from 4 to 10 January 2016 for the third time.
This year the theme of exhibition is gingerbread Ukraine.

In the exhibitions which past before participated the residents of Svaliava, Uzhgorod, Kyiv, as well as Poland and Finland. More information can be found on the page about the project.

To take part in the exhibition, you have to bring your house to one of the stores “Pryana Hata” until December 29. Store location:
- Str. Cosmonautov, 14;
- Ave. Shevchenko, 2/8;
- Str. Preobrazhenskaya, 35;
- Str. Dvorianskaya, 7;
- Str. Kanatnaya, 7;
- Str. Williamsa, 73/1.

You must write the name and the author's name, phone number and e-mail.
In the store you may exchange your gingerbread house for two tickets on exhibition (children have free admission to the exhibition).




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