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/ Main / News / Odessa Head Rabbi, “ODESSA IS EUROPE!”

Placed: 06.06.2007 09:41:18

Odessa Head Rabbi, “ODESSA IS EUROPE!”

Working meeting of European Rabbis Conference, International Jewish Communities Union and their leaders took place in Odessa.

“Ukrainian Jewish commune is integrated to Europe and is a part of European community”, emphasized Ukrainian Head Rabbi Jacob Dov Blaih. He announced this to be the result of the working meeting of European Rabbis Conference and International Jewish Communities Union (Ukraine has been presented in this organization since 1992) having been carried out in Odessa.
The forum was participated by European Rabbis Conference (CER) President and France’s Head Rabbi, CER representative in EU and Brussels Head Rabbi, Moscow Head Rabbi, Odessa city and region Head Rabbi, Roma Head Rabbi, European Higher Rabbi Court President and others.
Rabbi Jacob Dov Blaih considers the very fact of the European religious leaders’ representative forum to be held in Odessa to be an evidence of Odessa community’s being the “role model” for the communities of both Eastern and Western Europe.
“Our Western European colleagues having visited Odessa for the first time are absolutely stunned. There is a work of historical scale being done here”, announced Moscow Head Rabbi.
During the three-day long conference, its participants discussed the problems of anti-Semitism in Europe and emphasized the scarce need of the civil society’s and different religions representatives consolidating their efforts to withstand any display of xenophobia, racism and national intolerance.

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