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/ Main / News / Eduard Gurvits: Odessa is ready to do its best to host EURO 2012

Placed: 11.06.2007 09:32:40

Eduard Gurvits: Odessa is ready to do its best to host EURO 2012

Problems of stadiums, hotels, Odessa airport reconstruction, automobile tracks, and city’s modern tourist infrastructure creation were discussed at the 1st session of EURO 2012 Preparation Committee.

Eduard Gurvits: Odessa is ready to do its best to host EURO 2012
This was announced by Odessa City Mayor Eduard Gurvits during the first session of EURO 2012 Preparation Committee. He implied that preparing Odessa for hosting one of the football championship’s stages is “a strategic question”.
Eduard Gurvits is sure that EURO 2012 may become an event to help the city attract as much investment as possible and assist its development as a resort and tourist center of European level.
In the nearest future, it is planned to form the management committee group to see the way the other world cities have been preparing for hosting the championship with their own eyes. Odessa City Mayor stated the Cup holding in Portugal to be a model one.
Odessa City Council Physical Culture and Sports dept Head Larissa Teryokhina announced that the dept has already worked out the list of measures to be realized in Odessa in 2007 – 2012 to host the Cup the way it has to be done. The measures include safety guarantees, hotels, stadiums and sports, recreation, culture and entertainment, training complexes reconstruction and building, high-quality transport service providing, modern automobile tracks and parking lots building etc. Mrs. Teryokhina offered to work out the municipal aim program to encompass all the aspects of UEFA’s demands and to define the concrete terms, tasks executors and financing problems.
Odessa City Council Architecture and Building dept Head Vladimir Kolokolnikov announced that the reconstruction of Black Sea Steamship Stadium is planned to be carried out in order to make it accord the renowned world standards. On top of that, it is planned to build the brand new municipal Sports Palace of over 3 thousand spectators capacity in Dyukovskiy park.
Odessa City Council Road Economy dept Head Sergey Podgajnyj stated the modern automobile tracks building to be one of the most important moments of preparing the city to World Cup 2012 hosting.
These include the “North - South” highway from Dobrovolskij avenue to Marshal Zhukov avenue. The new road will have 6 runways and almost 9 transport flyovers. Its tentative cost is UAH 700 000 000.
Modern flyovers are to be built near the hotels and sports complexes. It is planned to build an automobile track from Tamozhennaya square to Black Sea Steamship Stadium until 2012.
During the management committee’s session, Odessa City Mayor Eduard Gurvits ordered to work out the EURO 2012 hosting measures plan as soon as possible. “We anticipate some support from the state management. The case in point is city’s boundaries’ widening. The Parliament could adopt such an enactment. This would be a crucially important step”, said Mr. Gurvits.
Odessa City Mayor expressed his hoping on the problem of ecologically dangerous objects’ removal out of the city limits to be positively solved before the EURO 2012 Cup holding.
A great stratum of work to do is connected with Odessa’s historical districts’ rebuilding and reconstruction.
Photos by Oleg Kutskiy

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