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The first completion in Odessa zoo for 2016 year

Inhabitants of Odessa Zoo Cameroonian goats Sery and Krasulia have opened the breeding season - two kids were born in the zoo

Baby boom took a start in Odessa Zoo. According to director of Odessa zoo Igor Belyakov, period after the cold winter is characterized by the fact that many habitants of the zoo are beginning to born kids. Palm of victory was given to a pair of Cameroonian goats who opened the breeding season on the 16th of February 2016. There were born two kids in the zoo. The kids feel great and have a good appetite. Caring parents Sery and Krasulia do not leave their children even for a moment.

Newborns already live in the general enclosure of goats at the village yard, where they can be seen by everyone. The kids will get stronger soon and the zoo visitors will be able to watch how they play, frisk and experience the inner place with curiosity.

It’s interesting that the goats were also the first who became parents in 2015.



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