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Baby boom in Odessa Zoo continues. Photo

Rare species of Odessa zoo inhabitants - a pair of eagle owls - were born two baby birds

Pets of Odessa Zoological Park continue to please employees and visitors with their offspring. At this time the couple of eagle owls became parents. Two baby birds were born - a boy and a girl.
The kids feel themselves very good. They carefully learn about the world supported by caring parents.

As part of the reintroduction program "Eagle Owl" the grown up and became strong babies will be released into the wild nature in the territory of Lower Dniester National Park.
Reintroduction of the species is a complex program, because animals and birds reared in captivity lose their survival skills in the wild nature. Scientists need to prepare them properly for release into the wild nature, and then look after the new population, until it becomes naturally stable in the ecosystem.

This program is an important step in the revival of the population of eagle owls in southern Ukraine. Young owls born in Odessa zoo nursery will be reintroduced in the natural conditions and that contributes to the revival of this rare species in our region.





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