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Little citizen of Odessa will be treated in the sister city of Regensburg

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov: In hard times for our nation, we accept the assistance of sister city Regensburg, which fully paid the treatment for small Odessite, with great gratitude

During the operational meeting on March 28, 2016 director of the department of international relations Svetlana Boieva reported that the sister city of Regensburg responded to Odessa Municipality’s request for assistance in carrying out costly surgical treatment for small Odessite, whose father was doing his patriotic duty in the east of Ukraine.

"At this difficult time for Ukraine, we accept with great gratitude the assistance from our sister city of Regensburg, which completely paid the treatment of small Odessa citizen", - said Gennadiy Trukhanov.

Municipality of sister city of Regensburg will also pay the staying in Germany for mother and child during the treatment.


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Humanitarian assistance from sister city of Regensburg arrived in Odessa -

Photo exhibition dedicated to the sister city of Regensburg was held in Odessa -

During a three-day working visit to sister city of Regensburg the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov discussed the issues of development and strengthening of international ties between the cities with the Lord Mayor of Regensburg, Mr. Joachim Wolbergs -

Odessa delegation headed by the Secretary of the City Council Oleg Bryndak held a number of important meetings with representatives of local government of the sister city of Regensburg -

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