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/ Main / News / World Free Flight Championship to take place in Odessa

Placed: 20.06.2007 12:50:27

World Free Flight Championship to take place in Odessa

On June, 21 – July, 1, the Black Sea Cup and World Free Flight Championship will be taking place in Odessa. Mass media accreditation.

Odessa, June2007
World Free Flight Championship (F1A, F1B, F1C classes)
becomes the main aeronautic world’s event center for the second consecutive time.
The World Free Flight Championship will take place in Ukraine for the first time in the whole aeromodel sports history.
Ukrainian Aviamodel Sports Federation issued a decision for Odessa to host the two bright events of free flight sports: Europe Championship 2006 and World Championship 2007.
The World Championship 2007 has already become the most dimensioned one of a kind considering the both participants’ and attendants’ number.
287 sportsmen of 40 countries arrive to Ukraine to fight for the Champion’s title in Odessa sky: the national squads of the European countries, Latin America, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Baltic countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and others with their time-managers, trainers, and support groups – over 630 guests in total.
Preparatory works for this event has been started 4 years ago, when Odessa has hosted the World Cup stage. That time, the Black Sea Cup has been adopted to gather the aviamodelists from all over the world annually to take part in the rating reckoning. This Cup has become a visit card of Ukrainian aviamodelling.
The high level of the last championships’ organization was marked off by FAI council (Federation Aviamodelling International). After this, the right of hosting the World Cup 2007 was unanimously granted to Ukraine.
Two events will be taking place from June, 21 till July, 1:
June, 21 – 24 – Black Sea Cup World Cup stage;
June, 24 – 30 – World Cup.
The events are planned to be held at the following address: military unit’s training ground, Chernomorskoye cts, Kominternovo region, Odessa district.
The event is organized by:
Odessa Aviamodelling Sports Federation,
“25” PR agency, Odessa city
Mass-media accreditation:
Sokolova Oksana,
ph. (0482) 30-90-47,
(048) 711-71-61, 717-57-60,
 E-mail: os@25.od.ua


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