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Odessa officially declared its readiness to hold the Eurovision-2017

Gennadiy Trukhanov has officially appealed to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture and to the National Television Company with a request to held Eurovision 2017 in Odessa

Ukraine received the right to hold the prestigious competition in one of the cities of our country in 2017 thanks to successful performance and Jamala’s victory in "Eurovision 2016" in Stockholm (Sweden).

Therefore the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov sent official letters to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine and the Director General of the National Television Company of Ukraine, where he expressed the readiness of Odessa to hold such a large-scale song contest.

The appeal states that Odessa is a multinational European city with rich cultural traditions and an amazing history. Odessa is a city that already has the experience of holding world-class festivals. Among them are International Film Festival, Odessa Jazz Fest and the International Festival of Modern Art "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music". The fact that Odessa is located alongshore and provided with the necessary tourist infrastructure is a significant advantage of the city.

"On behalf of administrative board of Odessa City Council and the public of Odessa I express the willingness and ability of the city to held the song contest "Eurovision" in 2017" - said Gennadiy Trukhanov in official appeal.

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