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The VII Odessa International Film Festival to be opened today

Odessa International Film Festival will be held from 15 to 23 July. There will be presented the best international and domestic premieres, which will be evaluated by the viewers as well as the international and national jury. Photo

The VII International Film Festival will be opened today on15th of July 2016, in Odessa.

It is possible to watch the final preparations and the ceremony "Red carpet" online:



Potemkin Stairs - the venue of the grand show in the open air. Traditionally on the second day of the Film Forum, there are shown the masterpieces of silent films with musical accompaniment. Potemkin Stairs can accept about 15,000 spectators. At the VI Odessa International Film Festival Potemkin stairs were awarded the status of "Treasure of European Film Culture."
Lanzheronovskiy descent is the main venue of the open air night shows. Today, on 15th of July, film fans will be able to watch here the film by D. Novak "In Search of Babel." Lanzheronovskiy descent can accept about 3000 spectators.

One of the main venues of the festival will traditionally be the Festival Palace - Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy of M. Vodyanoy - the place of showing hits of official international competition program and gala premieres. There are also located at the Festival Palace the press center, Accreditation Service, a service of tickets sale.

There will be held creative meetings and master classes within the Summer Film School of Odessa Film Festival, as well as displays of official Ukrainian national competition and retrospective programs in the "Rodina" cinema.

Opening of the VII Odessa International Film Festival will be held today - on July 15 at 18:00 (Red Carpet).

After the official opening ceremony the guests of the festival will be able to watch the film by French director Xavier Dzhannoli "Margarita" which will be shown in Odessa academic opera and ballet theater.


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